SuperDeluxe Electric Chair 2.0

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It seemed impossible but yes, we have managed to improve our previous version !!

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This super deluxe 2.0 model, of the highest quality and with separate slats, is a chair of completely normal appearance and can be meticulously examined by anyone. The chair can move without any problem, move, open, close and sit one on it.

In addition to the electric discharge system (of course without any danger to the viewer) it also includes a vibration system. Both adjustable in intensity.

That is, you can transmit either an electric shock, or a simple vibration to the person sitting on it, at your whim and by remote control.

This allows to expand the field of use and presentations for this chair to an incalculable level and only limited by your imagination.

Can not you think of hundreds of ideas?

If not, do not worry because, in addition to detailed instructions for use in an explanatory online video, we attach 5 killer routines in .pdf format specially designed for this chair.

In addition, in this version 2.0 we have incorporated a high-durability USB rechargeable battery and we have eliminated the rear case that contained all the electronics. In our version 2.0 all the electronics are contained in the original structure of the chair itself ... INDETECTABLE!

Separate slats Super deluxe version with separate slats.
Adjustable Electric discharge system adjustable in intensity.
Vibration Built-in vibration system, also adjustable in intensity.
Scope Scope of control: over 20 meters.
Energy saving Automatic security system for energy saving.
In Spanish Detailed instructions in English and Spanish.
Rechargeable battery High-life rechargeable battery. The battery lasts up to 24 hours in open circuit.
Extra-fast loading The battery will be fully charged in just 30 minutes.
100% examinable The chair is 100% examinable and of high quality.
Includes cover Includes carrying case to protect and move the chair and all accessories comfortably.
Voodoo doll As a launch offer, we give you a quality Vodoo doll, made by hand and a beautiful needle for your pk touch routines.
Online videos Includes access to online DVDMedia with explanations of use.


We want to thank you for your trust and it seemed like a nice touch to give you a beautiful Voodoo doll. But we needed one according to the quality of the chair. And here you have it! A beautiful doll made by hand, with internal seams, large and white, perfectly visible on stage, and with a large needle, with a terrifically beautiful finish and also very visible on stage. With this set you can perform your PK Touch routines with doll-spectator and end with a devastating puncture in the rear.


Approximate measurement of the doll 23cm x 19cm, large, with beautiful design and perfectly visible on stage.

The needle measures approximately 12cm in length, is thick and has a large head with a skull design.

White doll, with interior seams and designed to never be damaged by punctures.


You can protect your chair with its case and carry the chair and all the accessories easily with your handles or hanging it backpack style.



All the chairs have an identification plate with a unique number in its case.


A certificate of authenticity is included with the chair and a 2-year guarantee for manufacturing defects.


Quality assurance of our products

We grant nothing more and nothing less than 2 years of guarantee for any defect in the factory of our SuperDeluxe 2.0 Chair.


The exact chair model is exactly the one shown in the photographs. The demonstration video model was slightly changed in tone and form in the last production.

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