The Devil's Candle

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Candle of approximately 4.7cm in diameter and 22cm in length that you can turn on and off by remote control.

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A year of I+D+I result in this gem that you can now integrate into your illusionism shows, whether mentalism, with spiritualist tints, general magic or even childish.

It is a candle of approximately 4.7cm in diameter and 22cm in length that you can turn on and off by remote control.

All the internal circuitry is hidden inside the candle, well protected. The external part has been made in real wax, with a special and fireproof protection so that the wax holds and is well protected.

Turn on & off The candle allows the ignition, the shutdown, the ignition again ... as many times as you wish.
Double lithium battery It contains not one, but two lithium batteries that guarantee maximum durability and compose a safety system that will prevent the ignition from ever failing.
Battery autonomy It has an internal on / off button to avoid battery consumption, but in open circuit the battery lasts up to 48 hours.
Gas Load The candle has an internal gas tank that allows its loading. You can use any gas can for lighters for sale in any tobacconist.
2 Years Warranty A 2-years warranty is offered for the electronic system that covers any factory damage.
Flame regulation It is allowed to regulate the intensity of the flame.
Realism The candle is made with real wax. Realism is absolute.
Quality Manufactured with quality elements, for optimal performance and high reliability.
Special Protection The wax has been treated with a special protection so that it does not get damaged easily and the upper part has been specially designed so that you have candle for a lifetime.
Self-Contained The candle works without the need for any support or candle holder. It is completely autonomous.
Great Reach The command has a range greater than 20 meters away.
Quick Charge system We have developed a rapid charging system that allows the 2 batteries that integrate the electronic mechanism to be fully charged in a maximum time of 1 hour.


Each set comes with identification plate and numbered.

With wide base to be used with or without candle holders.

We include a black metallic candle holder as a gift. Only while stocks last.


  • Deluxe protection case for the set.

  • Devil's Candle.
  • Remote control.

  • USB charging cable.

  • Gas cylinder charge.

  • Access to DVDMedia.

  • Guarantee sheet.

  • GIFT: A black metallic candle holder is included as a gift, only while stocks last.

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